Thank you for coming to visit my website. What brings you here?

Maybe you’ve come here because you feel sad or low, like somehow your life isn’t working out for you. Perhaps you been through some painful life changes here lately - a divorce, you’ve lost your job, or someone you love has died. Some come here because they feel haunted by the echoes of their past: unkind parents, fights with brothers and sisters, bullied at school, painful breakups. Sadly, many have experience horrible, unimaginable traumas.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s even worse and you’ve wondered whether you even want to be alive.

Let’s face it, life can be really, really cruel sometimes.

It can help to have the right person on your team.

My name is Gregg Unterberger, and for the last twenty years or so, I have worked as a license professional counselor, helping people just like you.

You really don’t have to do this alone, you know?

As a counselor, I practice a form of therapy called systematic eclecticism. I know, a real mouthful, right? All that means is I am trained in a broad number of orientations. I have lots and lots of tools in my toolkit, not just one or two, so I can tailor my approach especially for you!

I have band-aids for broken hearts, bad moods and anxious minds that can begin to help right away! And I practice powerful therapies that may resolve trauma and horrible childhood memories more quickly than traditional blah-blah-blah talk therapy…a few of the technologies I have pioneered myself. I actually lecture internationally on many of my techniques.

My clients tell me they like me because I do my work with my head AND my heart. I really try to listen and understand. And I think humor has a role to play in healing, too.

I have had offices in both College Station and Georgetown (North Austin) Texas, for years. But since we are in the middle of a pandemic, I see my clients exclusively online on a secure, encrypted confidential platform for now.

For my new clients I offer a “risk-free” initial hour-long appointment: If you don’t feel like I am a good fit for your needs (or don’t like my beard, lol) you won’t pay a dime and we will shake hands and part friends. You literally have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time.

Thanks for stopping by! Cruise the website for my bio to find out more about me, my book, THE QUICKENING, and/or check out my upcoming national events page. Feel free to call my office at (512) 451-9527 and leave a message. If I can’t pick up, and I will be happy to return your call and answer questions or schedule an appointment! Or feel free to contact me through the website here!